Vacuum and Plant Service

General overhaul of vacuum pumps

before general overhaul
general overhaul of vacuum pumps before
after general overhaul
general overhaul of vacuum pumps after

In our master workshop we maintain and overhaul vacuum pumps of the widest variety from almost all manufacturers. After the general overhaul of your pump, we run simulation and vacuum tests for several hours, thus allowing us to ensure that the pump has the final values or output required. 

In the event of damage or an accident, we can make a loan pump available to you right away. That way your production can carry on smoothly and you can focus on your manufacturing activities.

The service essentially consists of the following steps:

  • test runs prior to the repair
  • visual inspection
  • disassembly
  • appraisal
  • general cleaning of individual parts
  • use of the necessary spare parts - repair kit
  • material processing if needed  
  • new motor bearings if needed
  • assembly
  • oil filling
  • trial run / simulation test
  • fresh paint

The following vacuum pumps of any make can be overhauled in our master workshop:

  • rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Roots pumps
  • dry-running screw pumps
  • rotary piston pumps
  • side-channel blowers
  • diaphragm pumps
  • feed pumps  
  • other pumps on request

In addition, we are your partner for:

  • delivery of new pumps from all manufacturers
  • loan of vacuum pumps from our warehouse in the event of breakdowns
  • delivery of spare and wear parts
  • system solutions