Vacuum and Plant Service

Oil and lubricants

Just as the appropriate vacuum pump is used for each vacuum system, the oil must also be tailored to the pump, to the gases to be evacuated, to the production process and to any special operating conditions. Only in this way can trouble-free operation be achieved with long intervals between oil changes.
We provide the right vacuum-pump lubricants for the individual processes of system operators. 

  • mineral oil
  • synthetic vacuum-pump lubricants
  • heat transfer fluids
  • hydraulic oils
  • food-grade oils
  • Fomblin oil

With our vacuum pump oils, in practice we cover a variety of applications in the best possible way.

Our special services:

If you are using a vacuum pump oil recommended by us, we offer the operator a free oil analysis of the oil used, in order to determine the most effective oil-change interval. This allows oil change intervals to be extended considerably, with the advantage of cost-savings and environmental protection.
We’ll be happy to advise you!