Vacuum and Plant Service

Vacuum system servicing

Production security through qualified system servicing 

Avoid production losses, boost efficiency and cut costs.  Direct benefits from maintenance concepts and system servicing solutions from Meier.  Request a free quotation for managing your tasks in the following areas:

  • maintenance / inspection of vacuum systems from different manufacturers
  • repairs to vacuum systems
  • optimisation work / general overhaul
  • spare parts procurement
  • helium leak detection
  • comparative measurements of vacuum, temperature or pressure measurement probes
  • provision of special tools
  • installation of piping between the vacuum components
  • development of individual service concepts
  • plant relocations
  • training / advising of operating personnel in maintenance tasks

Our qualified service team provides an efficient alternative to in-house repairs and has the necessary repair capacity to deal with various tasks. 

  • We maintain and service:
  • vacuum impregnation systems
  • vacuum-pressure impregnation systems
  • vacuum drying plants
  • transformer drying and filling systems 
  • vacuum pumping stations 
  • oil-refining plants, stationary or mobile 
  • atmospheric impregnation equipment

The benefits to you:

  • call-up of service personnel at short notice
  • access to specialised repair facilities 
  • complete one-stop service
  • efficient servicing and “just in time” maintenance and repair work
  • cost reduction in your own maintenance and repair activities
  • avoidance of production downtimes