Vacuum and Plant Service

Helium leak detection

With our leak-detection device and its modular design, the opportunity for regular calibration, the short recovery time and our trained staff, we offer the perfect solution for vacuum leak detection. 

Our work is characterised not only by rapid and reliable results and the smallest detectable leak rate, but also by timely repair of leaks through the implementation of the necessary measures. 

  • detection of even the smallest leaks
  • quantification of leaks
  • excellent repeatability of measurement
  • the test gas, helium, is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • short measurement times
  • provision of specialist personnel 
  • measures to repair leaks

Our qualified service team offers an efficient alternative to inspection by your own staff and has the repair capacity necessary to deal with various tasks. 

We maintain and service

  • vacuum impregnation systems
  • vacuum-pressure impregnation systems
  • vacuum drying plants
  • transformer drying and filling systems 
  • vacuum pumping stations 
  • oil refining plants, stationary or mobile 
  • atmospheric impregnation equipment
  • chamber dryers

… among other products

The benefits to you:

  • call-up of service personnel at short notice
  • access to specialised repair facilities
  • complete one-stop service
  • efficient servicing and “just in time” maintenance and repair work
  • cost reduction in your own maintenance and repair activities
  • avoidance of production downtimes